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About Subu

The idea was born in Japan – a country where sandals are far more than just shoes. They’re a centuries-old tradition. An inextricable part of a kimono outfit. The footgear of Buddhist monks on their spiritual journeys. A symbol of freedom to go wherever you like.

We strive to create a product that embraces you with the feeling of relaxation and freedom. Because only when freedom appears, we can face our "favorite objects" and "new things" purely and without distractions. Favorite objects and new challenges; these elements are full of discoveries and surprises, and they enrich our daily lives.

We are grateful that SUBU remains a brand loved by people, who like to start things with one small step at a time.
Favorite objects and new things are different for everyone, and that embodies freedom.
When one shapes their favorite objects and challenge new things, they can share that process and time with others.

We at SUBU would like to support each and everyone of those people.

Let's take another step, with sandals on

Unexpected winter sandals. Our “favorite things” are winter sandals, and it was a new challenge we set out on.

We hope to continue this journey, to have many fruitful encounters with people and to help them take a step out, freely and genuinely.

Created in 2016, SUBU continues to evolve.

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